Most of us human being have spent some time regretting on the decision made before. By regret, we usually mean the emotion and idea that the decision made before could have been better. 

In retrospect, I sensed some regrets about wronging others, but ironically I always accept those kinds of feelings as natural phenomena. Occasionally I might think like "Gee, that could have been better." But that's it. No more hard feelings. 

So the talk I watched yesterday was inspiring in a way that the previous dogma can never teach me. Allowing yourself to regret and learning from regrets are better things to do than supressing the feeling of regret. To begin with, allowing yourself to some inevitability is some kind of relief, which often leads to a better outcome unless you let yourself sink into it. Then, since regret is a way showing a kind of inner urge to perfect things, having regrets can better lead to a more mature and spontaneous learning behavior. As a result, we can get the precious gift we always want -- learning from the past, improving the present and hopefully leading to a more successful outcome.

无论过去再美好,你也要学会let go。Embrace the new challenge.

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